Smart Home - KNX System


SYSTEM INCLUDING - Lighting ON/OFF Control | Dimming Control | Curtain or Blind Control | TV, AV Control | A/C Control | True Image Control Lighting | Scene Mode Control | Ipad/Iphone Control

The Berker instabus EIB is an intelligent system that connects your electrical devices via a control wire. This way multiple devices can be controlled simultaneously. With only a single control display or a few switches you can operate the light in just the same way as the heating, Venetian blinds, or the alarm system. If you like, you can even call up the functions or status from your PC or Palm. Intelligent control systems and building automation can create a dynamic and comfortable worship experience by enhancing congregational education and communications. From a single, easy-to-operate remote touch screen in a certainly located area, set the appropriate atmosphere for congregants by adjusting intelligent lighting, temperature, window shades, audio, and microphone levels.

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